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Sterilizer Door

The SAS Sterilizer Door is built with high quality materials and strict quality control to ensure the safety of our customers, cover their needs, maximize time efficiency, and has long lifespan.

Better and stronger is the motto of our lock ring. SAS sterilizer door's lock ring flanges are not welded, instead the flanges are part of the lock ring itself to secure the door. Our Sterilizer Door also comes with Steam Release Stainless Steel Ball Valve and Safety lever to insure additional safety for our customers. Rubber Gasket is installed on the door groove and the ring shell is covered with stainless steel sheets to reinforce its durability.

Our lock ring has been carefully manufactured to allow it roll and secure the door efficiently. SAS Sterilizer Door can also be open or close within a short period of time to ensure maximum time efficiency.

Each customer has their own unique workshops and SAS Sterilizer Door can be made to open on the left side or the right side depends on the customer's needs.

Note: Every SAS Sterilizer Door comes with a Certificate.

For more information regarding Our Sterilizer Door Specification please contact us or send us an email.

For more information regarding Our Sterilizer Door Specification